Important Information about the 2024 National Corporate Transparency Act


“Servico Simplifies the Not-For-Profit Process for Power Play Sports Foundation Inc.”

Paul Trimper had the idea to start a not-for-profit when he started to play hockey at the age of 33 and saw the desperate need for sports equipment, exercise space, and the motivation for physicality in his community of Watertown, NY. There were no organized leagues, teams, or any real…

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“One With Life Tequila: Finding Balance in Business with Servico, Inc.”

Before beginning her business journey with One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL) Lisa Elovich was a boxing promoter. As one of the only females in the business she found promoting exciting and fulfilling and wanted her new business to provide the same thrill. In 2015 Lisa founded OWL, and what…

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