Important Information about the 2024 National Corporate Transparency Act

Limited Liability Company

By completing and submitting our online worksheet, we can provide you with all you need to organize your company (including a complete LLC outfit). 

We provide complete, expedited filing service for $398.50. NYS residents add local sales tax based on $85.00 LLC Kit plus shipping charge (kit includes operating agreements, seal and membership certificates). Charges for publication services are additional.

We prepare and file the Articles of Organization within 24-48 hours with the Secretary of State.  (Contingent upon approval by the Secretary of State)

We send you an original copy of the Articles of Organization and the original filing receipt issued by the Secretary of State, along with the waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting (Organizer’s release of company to members/managers).

We notify your office with date of Organization (filing) by fax, email, or phone, your preference.

Your LLC Outfit is then immediately prepared and shipped directly to the address requested.  (Shipping via courier or delivered by messenger, for an additional fee.  Contact Servico’s Corporation Department for details)

Publication of the formation of the LLC is required .  Please contact our Publication Department for more information

In addition to our LLC Organization service, we prepare and/or file any and all types of maintenance documents for LLCs.