Important Information about the 2024 National Corporate Transparency Act

Registered Agent Services

Every company forming or qualifying within most jurisdictions needs to appoint a registered agent with the jurisdiction’s governing office.

  • A registered agent is an entity (already registered with the jurisdiction in which you are filing) or individual (with an address in the jurisdiction in which you are filing) appointed with the government office to accept Service of Process (notification of legal proceedings) and all official notices from the jurisdiction on behalf of the company. This appointment is usually made within the initial Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Formation. This is also a requirement when a foreign business entity files the application to transact business in a state it legally intends to operate. 
  • Servico’s sister company, CORPORATE SERVICE BUREAU INC.  provides registered agent service in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia. The annual fee is $200 per company, per state. *  This service fee is billed each year on the anniversary month when our office was designated as registered agent for the company.  It is important to note our service fee to act as agent is not part of the annual tax or annual report fee that is required to be paid to the jurisdiction itself. * Additional fees may apply (i.e. courier fees for overnight notification and forwarding). At any point in time, after the initial appointment and filing is made, the company may change the designated agent by filing a Change of Agent document at the appropriate government office.  If you are utilizing our registered agent service for the first time, we will prepare and file the forms without charging a service fee. (Jurisdictional filing fees apply.)
  • Corporate Service Bureau’s address (or our affiliated partner’s address) is used for purposes of providing an address where governmental mail and legal papers can be delivered or served.  The registered agent address should never be listed as the company’s physical address nor should it appear on your company’s letterhead, other stationary items or communications such as websites.
  • To avoid Corporate Service Bureau Inc. resigning as registered agent, it is imperative that payment be made promptly upon receipt of a renewal notice. To allow time for payment, invoices are mailed two months before the anniversary date. 
  • As the company’s registered agent, it is important and required that you keep us informed of any changes to your contact information such as person to be contacted, address, phone number and e-mail.  Failing to update this vital information with us will cause delayed receipt of annual reports and/or notifications. These reports/notifications have deadlines that your company must meet and failure to meet these deadlines may cause your company to fall into revoked status with the jurisdiction’s governing office, requiring further actions and fees payable to that state.

If you would like to request Registered Agent Service for an existing company, or you need to update the information for a company we currently represent as agent, please email us with your request or your updated information. A representative will contact you if we need further information.