Important Information about the 2024 National Corporate Transparency Act

Corporate Records/Filings

There are several types of documents available that can assist with corporate and financial transactions, or be useful for the validation of your business terms or status. Each state has there own title for each of these items.

Many of these documents may be useful, or a requirement, when opening a bank account, applying for a business loan, conducting real estate transactions, or acquiring or selling a business.

Certificate of Good Standing – a certificate issued by the Secretary of State stating a company is active and in compliance with, and a subsisting corporation/llc/lp with their office and filed their biennial report.

Franchise Tax Search– a report, issued by the NYS Tax Department, indicating that a company has paid their required taxes (there are no taxes or reports due)  or that the company is delinquent for speciific years, listing the required forms to be filed.

Certified or Plain Copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Organization.

Biennial Reports – copies of the required report to be filed with the Secretary of State every two years, usually listing officer/CEO  and current address information for the company.

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