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Register Domain Name


With the development of a global economy in an increasingly electronic business atmosphere, companies have to consider more than just incorporating; there is a need to establish an online presence. It is important for newly forming companies to consider creating a name that is unique enough to not only be distinguishable for their corporate filing but also on the worldwide web.

The first step in establishing an online presence is to register a domain name. Domain names are website addresses such as After a domain name is secure, you can begin to create a website with the confidence that your name cannot be used by anyone else without consent of the original registrant.

Some of the most common domain name endings include:

.com – generally for commercial use
.edu – reserved for educational institutions
.org – generally for non-profit/charity organizations
.biz – restricted for business
.gov – reserved for the US government
.mil – reserved for US military
.net – generally used by internet service providers

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