Important Information about the 2024 National Corporate Transparency Act

Doing Business As (DBA)

By completing and submitting our online worksheet, we provide you with all you need to set up and begin operating under a DBA.

A DBA name (Doing Business As) – also known as an assumed or fictitious business name – allows you or your company to do business under a different name. The law in most states is that unless a DBA filing is made, a person can only do business under his or her own name and corporations and limited liability companies can only do business under the name on their formation document.

Advantages to filing a DBA:

Growth and Expansion:

  • As a corporation or LLC, you may eventually expand to a new area not represented by your current business name. Having a more descriptive name could be beneficial.

Marketing and Branding:

  • You may want to advertise your business or display signage without the corporate indicator (Inc or LLC).
  • If you operate in multiple locations under the same name but with different Corporations or LLCs as the owner a DBA will allow these multiple entities and locations to market or advertise under the same name

Name conflict restrictions do not apply to DBAs.