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“One With Life Tequila: Finding Balance in Business with Servico, Inc.”

Before beginning her business journey with One With Life Organic Tequila (OWL) Lisa Elovich was a boxing promoter. As one of the only females in the business she found promoting exciting and fulfilling and wanted her new business to provide the same thrill. In 2015 Lisa founded OWL, and what started as a side hustle quickly grew into a successful business venture.

Lisa had first crossed paths with Scott Schuster, President of Servico, Inc., in 2006 at a boxing promotion, and when she had the idea for OWL, she found herself looking to Servico, Inc. for her business service needs.

Scott and his team at Servico, Inc. assisted OWL with the trademark filings for their brand name, logo, and slogan. The “99% peaceful and 1% wild!”slogan trademarked by OWL reflects their philosophy for maintaining a mindful and balanced lifestyle. OWL urges people to “Be Present. Listen Deeply. Speak Lovingly.”

Lisa views tequila as a metaphor; balance is everything. She feels that Servico, Inc. shares a similar philosophy, always being attentive to her calls and concerns.

“There’s never any wait, and they always get right on it,” said Lisa. “You don’t feel like you’re dealing with a cold business.”

OWL tequila is hand crafted from Blue Agave in the town of Jalisco, Mexico by Tequila Las Americas, a family owned agave farm and distillery. The Blue Agave is naturally fermented and distilled with only water in stainless steel distilleries. There are no additives in the production of OWL tequila.

Lisa Elovich stands in the Blue Agave fields at Tequilas Las Americas in Mexico.

Inside every OWL tequila bottle there is an inspirational message. Lisa said one of her favorites by Ghandi says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She sees spreading the message of being One With Life as just as important as living it. On OWL’s website, suggestions for unique inspirational messages are welcome for submission.

One With Life Tequila Extra Anejo Bottle

OWL was in Forbes Magazine for “Top Tequilas to Drink this Autumn” 2018 and the “Top 100 Spirits” in Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2017. Lisa travels throughout the country showcasing OWL Tequila and will be a part of the Brooklyn Whiskey + Spirits Festival on December 7. Find more information on

A project that started out with only 86 cases of tequila is now available in multiple states and continues to grow every day. Even so, Lisa said she stills finds herself coming back to Servico, Inc., often calling in for business advice.

“I’m very supportive of Servico and Scott’s work,” said Lisa. “They make me feel like they care about my business.”